Sanem Plastik


Yalçın Kutay / Founder

​Our company started its commercial activities in a small office that I established in my house in 1996. Since 2002, our company has started to develop its own technology and produce with the technological infrastructure. Our company which currently exports 80% of its production to more than 65 countries around the world has always been a source of inspiration and peace for us.

As Sanem Plastik, our goal is to continue our rapid growth and bring our products to as many users as possible in international markets.

The innovations have emerged as a result of the continuous and determined work of our qualified human resources. We support with trainings in the field of professional and personal competence. We are the biggest power source behind our growth trend which we exhibit in the most competitive markets.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force that strengthens our flexible and innovative aspect in production day by day.

Our basic principle is to plan and implement our investments in order to increase the competencies of our employees and the profitability of our customers.

We are confident that the technological developments in the field of production will lead us to our goal of being the leading company of our sector.

The environment is all of us and we are aware of this responsibility in every step we take. With our innovative technologies, our projects will allow us to use all our process waste and recycling materials as inputs in production, we will further strengthen our environmental-friendly perspective.

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values. As Sanem Plastik family, we continue to work uninterruptedly in order to provide high level customer satisfaction by constantly increasing our product range without compromising our quality standards and providing the fastest service worldwide with our widespread distribution network.

Our philosophy; Happy employees, Quality products, Happy customers…

I am grateful to all of our employees, customers, dealers and business partners who have always taken our company to the better and forward and played a role with their efforts and contributions in the successful results we have achieved.

Best regards