Sanem Plastik



To be a leading global company in PVC film sector, who is able to create value to all its partners.


To be a ‘Preferred’ company in all aspects by ‘Innovation’, ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Sustainability’ applications. Making ‘Qualified & Zero Defect’ production by using latest ‘Technology’ with our ‘Happy Employees’ and efficient ‘Source Management’


Our values that we believe and adopt will lead us to success;

Respect for diversity

  • Regardless from language, religion, race and gender, we are objective towards all our partners.


  • Together with our employees, we are dedicated to achieving the best and creating value to improve the business.

Team Spirit

  • For our common targets we work and achieve together.
  • We help each other, ask each other and improve each other.

Solution Oriented

  • We set targets that will carry us to success.
  • We always develop alternative solutions for the better.

Dynamism and Competence

  • We follow up closely the opportunities in the market.
  • We continuously develop products and services according to our customer needs.
  • We continuously improve our know-how and abilities.


  • Flexibility in services and products we provide
  • Innovative approach
  • Entrepreneurship



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Sanem Plastik aims to manage all kinds of risks that affect business continuity and the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets;

  • Establishment, management, control and continuous improvement of the information security management system,
  • Compliance with the legislation and contracts that concern information security,
  • The management and correct prevention of the risks to information assets,
  • It aims at ensuring and sustaining information security by managing the work of increasing the awareness of information security and institutional competence together with all its employees and fulfills all the requirements for this purpose.



To take all necessary health and safety precautions for employees to return home safely and to be a perpetual follower of the work done for this purpose.



Sanem Plastik prioritizes social responsibility, environment and energy policy actions which are one of its strategic targets in the direction of its vision. In this context, it follows a strategic road map that fulfills all national and international legislative obligations, improves the environment and energy performance day by day with continuous improvement works and pays attention to the social benefit in order to leave a livable world to new generations. We carry out the following actions in the direction of our environmental and energy policy;

  • We care about the environment with the production of 99% recyclable PVC film.
  • We dispose of our waste through licensed firms.
  • With the TPS and Kaizen works, we are realizing energy-saving projects for the environment and aiming for zero waste.
  • We raise our employees’ awareness with the environmental trainings we carry out every year.
  • As part of the design center, we carry out our projects within the scope of works that generate less waste and consume less energy and care about the environment and occupational safety.



Sanem Plastik has been providing opportunities for employees to take an active role in the processes by supporting their employees in professional development, career planning and social rights with the "human first" view since the first day it was founded. One of our most important goals is to ensure that our employees see the Human Resources Department as a unit that provides support services in all processes and to become a strategic business partner that our management and managers will consult. Since our foundation, the Human Resources department has adopted an agile management approach that works by providing direct support to all units, analyzes company needs and adapts rapidly to changing conditions. The Human Resources department, which analyzes the results of employee satisfaction surveys conducted every year and takes necessary actions according to the results, has adopted employee well-being as a principle.