Sanem Plastik



The “LÖSEV Oncology City and Hospital” is the most developed Cancer Hospital in our country and Europe and includes all branches from neurosurgery to psychiatry, cardiology to physical therapy clinics, intensive care to emergency units. It was established in Ankara and has become to serve on the date of 10 May 2015. 

LÖSEV which is aimed to provide the best healthcare services in this city under equal conditions without distinction between children-adults, rich-poor, private-SSI regardless of profit, has achieved 90% recovery success in children with leukemia with 15 years of experience and efforts in order to achieve 100% treatment success in all leukemia and cancer patients.

Underlining that morale motivation is as important as medical methods in cancer treatment, LÖSEV provides treatment opportunities for all cancer patients without isolation from life, with its activity and theater halls, swimming pool, physical therapy center and SPA facilities in Oncology City.

LÖSEV Oncology City and Hospital built by all Turkey laying up brick with the support of its donators, which offers a safe and comfortable life opportunity to patients and their relatives during treatment, ensures to single-person hygienic rooms where patients can stay with their attendants, operating rooms, emergency and intensive care services, extraordinarily equipped bone marrow transplant service, stem cell / cancer research laboratories, aims to achieve a 100% success rate in leukemia treatment with highly equipped radiology and radiotherapy units. As Sanem Plastik family, we wanted to contribute to the hospital and undertook the construction of the room.