Sanem Plastik



According to increasing competition conditions, we aim for our employees to show great performance by improving their competencies and professional skills and accordingly, we always give them training opportunities.

1 - Orientation Training: This is a training given by Human Resources Department to the new staff concerning corporate culture, organizational structure and management model.

2 - Technical Training: These programs serve to increase the level of knowledge and skills of the employees which they need in order to fulfill the responsibilities of their job descriptions.

3 - Self Improvement Training: These programs aim for our employees to improve their personal level of competence. Our training programs are planned annually by using the results of “Training Needs Analysis” and “Performance Evaluation” studies as base and organized by the employment of an inside instructor or outsourcing.

4 - Online Education Platform: Our online education platform provides the individual the advantage of learning whenever he / she wants, regardless of time and place.