Sanem Plastik

The History of Tablecloth

The ancestor of PVC tablecloth, oilcloth was invented in 18th century and was primarily used as rug in households. The oilcloth is obtained with painting the linen fabric and smearing it with linseed oil in order to provide semi waterproofing. In the past, it was also used as insulating material in roofs.

With the development of the textile industry and the proliferation of the weaving looms, the oilcloth started to lose its popularity, but it found a new area of usage on the kitchen tables as the most important assistant of the housewives.

Towards the end of 1950s, Vinyl (PVC) tablecloths, which are produced by laminating flannel or non woven cloths with the support of mechanical and technological innovations in the production area, started to stand out as a modern alternative to the oilcloths.

Besides, PVC tablecloths were making a big difference with their %100 waterproofing and endurance features, color and variety options…

PVC tablecloths, which were used first on kitchen tables, then on balcony and garden tables, started to appear on living room tables in the finest corner in homes with their special collections following the fashion trends of the moment. From classic red houndstooth to polka dot, from fruit and flower bouquet visuals to stylish designs with pastel colors and modern lines, with many pattern options PVC tablecloths are appealing to every kind of taste and continue to give color to your environment.

Advantages of “PVC Tablecloth” Usage

  • You can make several colorful and stylish changes on your tables with small expense.
  • Compared to fabric tablecloths, they have much more pattern and color alternatives.
  • They are cheaper and more durable than fabric tablecloths.
  • They are stain proof and dirt proof, and easy to clean.
  • They are obtainable in any preferred size.

In order to get rid of the monotony in your kitchens, rooms and gardens easily and economically, you just need to pick one of our tablecloths among many pattern and color options that are presented to you.