Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

In Sanem Plastic our employees are expected;

To create added value,
To communicate effectively within and outside their departments,
To reach to the level of competence determined by the senior management with the training support we provide.

Recruitment Policy

For a new or a vacant position, an announcement is made electronically and on the notice boards within the company and thus the recruiting is made primarily in the present organization. If an applicant with the required specifications cannot be found within the organization, the external recruitment process begins (by means of, newspaper advertisement, human resources consultancy firms).

In the job interviews applicants take personality inventory and foreign language exam (oral and written), before the job offer the applicant’s reference is checked.

You can find the necessary employment application form for joining the family of Sanem Plastic here. For your other questions about the employment application you can send an email to

Education and Progress

According to increasing competition conditions, we aim for our employees to show great performance by improving their competencies and professional skills and accordingly, we always give them training opportunities.

1. Orientation Training: This is a training given by Human Resources Department to the new staff concerning corporate culture, organizational structure and management model.
2. Technical Training: These programs serve to increase the level of knowledge and skills of the employees which they need in order to fulfill the responsibilities of their job descriptions.
3. Self Improvement Training: These programs aim for our employees to improve their personal level of competence.

Our training programs are planned annually by using the results of “Training Needs Analysis” and “Performance Evaluation” studies as base and organized by the employment of an inside instructor or outsourcing.

Wage and Performance Evaluation

Sanem Plastic wage and performance evaluation system is based on the competencies of our employees, the tasks and responsibilities they took on, their education levels and work experiences. It is an externally competitive but domestically coherent system.

The wage of a Sanem Plastic employee is evaluated on the wage scale of the present position both in the market and within the company, and the performance is rewarded in return for the extra efforts of all employees within a year with a bonus.