Company Profile


To be a leading global company in PVC film sector, who is able to create value to all its partners.


  • To be a “Preferred” company in all aspects
  • By “Innovation”,
  • “Continuous Improvement”
  • And “Sustainability” applications.
  • Making “Qualified & Zero Defect” production
  • By using latest “Technology”
  • With our “Happy Employees”
  • And efficient “Source Management”.


  1. Respect for diversity,
    • Regardless from language, religion and gender, we are objective towards all our partners.
  2. Dedication,
    • With our employees, we are dedicated to work for getting the best and create value to improve our business field.
  3. Team Spirit,
    • For our common targets we work and achieve together.
    • We help each other, ask each other and improve each other.
  4. Solution Oriented,
    • We set targets that will carry us to success.
    • We create alternative solutions for continuous improvement.
  5. Dynamizm and Competence,
    • We follow up closely the opportunities in the market.
    • We develop products and services which challenge our competitors.
    • We continuously improve our know-how and abilities.

Core Competences

  • Flexibility in services and products we provide
  • Innovative approach
  • Entrepreneurship

Quality Policy

Along with continuous improvement philosophy our aim is to be a firm;

  • Creating its own technology,
  • Raising qualified human source,
  • Taking care of environment & employee safety,
  • Creating flexible solutions to the customers by caring quality in all steps of our operations.

Our Quality Certificates

Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute

ISO 9001

Information Security Policy

Sanem Plastik aims to manage all kinds of risks that affect business continuity and the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets;

  • Establishment, management, control and continuous improvement of the information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001 standard,
  • Compliance with the legislation and contracts that concern information security,
  • The management and correct prevention of the risks to information assets,
  • It aims at ensuring and sustaining information security by managing the work of increasing the awareness of information security and institutional competence together with all its employees and fulfills all the requirements for this purpose.